Hello beauty! (Ciao Bella!)

We greet each other like this in my native country Italy. Welcome! (Benvenuto!)


My name is Sara and I followed my husband John in the Netherlands in 2008.


I love design and styling, the feeling of absolute beauty, reasons why I decided to follow my dream to become a beautician.


Since 1999, I am all around beauty therapist and nail stylist and I followed various specialization courses.


In 2001, I found myself fascinated by the world of permanent make-up, to the point of deciding to make it a career. The ability to give faces the right shapes and proportions or accentuate specific features is what makes this specialization one of my greatest passions.


Drawing is where I started, now I am focused on the creative aspect and the continuous improvement of what I do.


Since 2002 I am a "Master Artist" with EzFlow and I am CND certified since 2008.


My Dutch language is still developing, but I speak fluent English.
The language will certainly not be the problem. My work speaks for itself!
In preparation for the Dutch market, I followed and successfully completed a Dutch course (Nagelstyliste). As a result I am now familiar with the Dutch names and terminology to offer my clients the best possible service.


I love what I do. It's not a just an hobby. It is my passion!
Beauty is my way of living!


Diplomas and Specialisations

  • Beauty Therapist Diploma - 1999

  • Beauty Therapist Master - 2001


  • Diploma Permanent Make-Up - 2001

  • Licence Permanent Make-Up GGD Den Haag - 2013

  • Masterclass Hyperealistic 3D Eyebrows - 2015


  • Course "Camoufflage" - 1999

  • Course "Photographic Make-Up" - 1999

  • Course "Catwalk Make-Up" - 1999

  • Course "Bridal Make-Up" - 1999

  • Course "Theatrical Make-Up"  - 1999


  • Course "Deep Tissue Massage" - 2000

  • Course "Relaxation Massage"  - 2000

  • Course "Prenatal Massage - 2001


  • Diploma "EzFlow Master Artist" - 2002

  • Diploma "CND Master" - 2008

  • Diploma "NTI Nail Stylist" - 2010

  • Course "Competition Nails" - EzFlow - 2010

  • Course "One Stroke" with Liliya Sereditskaya - 2011

  • Course "Bridge Nails" - Magnetic Nail Design - 2011

  • Course "Advanced Acrylic" - Magnetic Nail Design - 2011

  • Training "Perfection Gel" - Magnetic Nail Design - 2012


Sara De Giorgio