Acrylic Nails - Solar Nails

Liquid & powder or acrylic nail treatments were popular from the late 70s, when the founder and developer of CND, Dr. Stuart Nordstrom, made a revolutionary invention ​​in the field of nail care. Since then CND is the leader in the development of acrylic nails.


The Magnetic Acrylic systems are balanced and designed to ensure optimized flexibility and structure in the finished nails. This enables the clients to enjoy comfortable wear and prevents service break down or micro shattering.

Delicious Nails & Beauty works with the liquids and powders of CND and Magnetic Nail Design.

Delicious Nails & Beauty works mainly with acrylic on nail forms (sculpted). This means that the natural nail remains in its best condition.



Note: acrylic nails are not bad for the natural nail, only untrained, unqualified nail stylist will damage your nails! Always search for certified nail technicians.