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Anti Age Ultrasound Den Haag

Anti Age Ultrasound

​“Deeper into the skin with sound”

Ultrasound = natural skin rejuvenation using ultrasound device.

Ultrasonic means that the frequency is over 20,000Hz whose mechanical vibration can't be heard from human.


The Ultrasound treatment has different beauty functions which have already been clinically proved.

  • Makes the derma healthier, improves production of collagen proteins and elastin, which strengthen derma skin's elasticity.

  • Removes black spot. With the help of ultrasonic vibration, melanin will be pushed back into the blood and lymph vessels, so the skin will be whitened gradually.

  • Removes facial sores, the sebum will be soften and remove easier.

  • Stimulates the absorption of nutritional ingredients

As result the skin works from the inside to repair and rejuvenate.

In our Beautysalon we combine the sound waves with micro-current (only during Wellness Relax Anti Aging Treatment), the muscles will be stimulated even more, causing the skin to increase blood flow and transport oxygen to the surrounding areas. The result is a firmer, tighter skin where the skin cells are active again. You will also undergo a serum massage, and finally a custom mask.

Result-oriented, but definitely relaxing too.

Dermatological tests show that a course of 2 treatment in 5 weeks (10 treatments) gives a 49% improvement in skin texture.

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