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Bio Lifting

Micro-Current Lifting: Advanced Technology Muscle Lifting

Micro-Current Lifting is a natural, holistic treatment that re-energizes cells and tightens facial muscles by increasing muscle protein. It uses an alternating electrical current that works beneath the sensory nerves.

Micro-Current tones, lifts, and re-educates the muscles instantly for a revitalized appearance. It has a cumulative effect when performed regularly, collagen and elastin production is increases by 57%!

The skin on the face is attached to the facial muscles. When the muscles become slack, the skin goes with them! When tension and worry cause the muscles to contract continuously, wrinkles and deep lines form. Micro-Current Lifting reverses and corrects habitual muscle patterns and accelerates the repair of atrophy in the muscles.

This advanced treatment increases the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) muscle cells, which boosts muscle energy by up to 500% - similar to the levels we have at a much younger age. The mitochondria in each cell produces ATP, our vital cell energy, and ATP produces muscle protein.


For those who are serious about maintaining the amazing, uplifted results, we recommend you to visit our Beautysalon for a series of treatments. When these powerful muscle lifting sessions are done 2 times per week for a period of 5 weeks, the lifting results are cumulative. The uplifted position of the muscles will stay in it's re-educated position. One treatment per month after will support these revitalized results.

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