What is Botulinum toxin?

Botulinum toxin is a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The toxin is processed so that it can be safely used for medical and cosmetic purposes. Now there are people who say: 'Botox is poison! You don't have that injected into your body!". These people do not understand that Botox® can be used for medical and cosmetic purposes BECAUSE of these toxic properties.


What does it do exactly?

Botulinum toxin does not destroy tissue. It simply blocks the signal from nerve to muscle and nerve to the sweat gland. All the muscles in the body are controlled by nerves. And all the nerves come together in the brains, so that when you think for example, let's frown, this signal can be transferred from the brain to your frown muscles. By injection of a small dose of Botox into the frown muscles, that signal does not arrive and the muscle won't flex. The result: frown wrinkles disappear. It can also relieve headache symptoms caused by muscle tension. Upon injection of Botox® in the armpits sweat production is greatly inhibited.



The wrinkle treatment is performed by a cosmetic physician. First the skin is desinfected using alcohol. The doctor will ask you to  frown, raise your eyebrows or smile several times. This way it can be determined where the injections should be placed and in what dosage. The Botox ® is injected through a very fine needle, so the treatment is relatively painless. Immediately after treatment, there is a small bump visible (similar to a small mosquito bite). These bumps will disappear in a few minutes. Sometimes a little bruise can occur if a small vessel is punctured. This may be camouflaged and will disappear in a few days. After two days the effect of the treatment will start, and the maximum effect will be reached after 2 weeks. If you had the treatment for the first time, the doctor will ask you to come in for inspection after two weeks. After 3-4 months the effect will have worn of. If the treatment is repaeted every 3 months, the duration of the effect may increase up to 6 months or longer, and less botox may be needed to reach the same results.



Botulinum toxin therapy is not used in case f pregnancy/lactation, some muscle diseases and use of certain medications. This will be discussed during the medical intake.  


Aftercare botulinum toxin treatment 

• Do not rub or massage the treated areas or spots. Formed lumps will disappear. 

• Do not put on any make-up within half an hour after treatment. • Do not undertake any physically strenuous activities for at least 6 hours after treatment. 

• Do not drink alcohol within 6 hours after treatment. 

• Do not lie down for 4 hours after treatment. 

• Do not take a facial treatment within 24 hours after treatment