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Delicious for Men

Gentlemen's manicure and pedicure

Quick services, with the men's fragrances, specially designed for beautiful and groomed hands and feet,  without looking overly "polished".


Male nail biting

Also for the male nail biters nail enhancement is the perfect solution.

You will not see that you are wearing artificial nails,  nails are afterwards not polished or painted so they will not shine and they will look absolutely natural.

Body Sugaring

Hair removal for men is very popular because men slowly begin to realize that there are opportunities to get rid of their unwanted hair.
The options for hair removal for men are broadly similar to those for women who want to get rid of unwanted hair. Only the parts of the body can be treated slightly different.
Where women usually focus on hair removal from their underarms, face, forearms or other body parts, men prefer the unwanted hair on their back, shoulders or chest to be removed, or at least minimized.
Some men also want to see the hair removed on their arms and legs, such as athletes, or simply because they do not like them. Hairs can also be removed from face.


Gentlemen's facials 

Skin care is not limited to just women. Looking good is a social issue for men too. Men are a symbol of roughness and toughness. But on the contrary men too have sensitive skin. They too need to follow a proper skin care regime. Even men go through a lot of emotional turmoil when they suffer with a skin problem. Today there are a range of skin care products and services for men that are easily available in the market and have a huge demand.

As compared to women, men's skin is more prone to the problems like blocked pores and blackheads. No wonder why men are asking for facials and skin care products. Gone are the days when men secretly used fairness creams. Men want to take care of themselves too. Facials can be a starting point to keep the skin healthy and glowing.


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