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Gel Nails

Delicious Nails & Beauty works with Magnetic UV-gel.

Odorless and acrylate-free gels create gorgeous, thin, natural-looking enhancements that resist service breakdown and ensure complete customer satisfaction


Gel nails are used to strengthen and extend the natural nails. In the overlay treatment, the gel is applied to the natural nail only, in the extension treatment, tips or nail forms are used.




UV Sculpting Fiber Gel is the latest generation in Gel. It’s a combination of the brightness of gel, the strength of fiberglass and has the processability of acrylic. The Sculpting Gel Fiber flows so beautiful that filling after application is limited to a minimum and is very easy to pinch. The particular structure and composition of this gel prevent lifting, fractures and problems. Because the Fiberglass in the gel, the temperature is less influence on the viscosity and the customer experiences no heat formation during curing.

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