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​Your nails are your business card, so be careful with it.


You should take a number of measures to make sure you keep your nails in good condition:


  • Apply Solaroil cuticle oil on your nails and cuticle 2 times a day , this keeps the artificial (or natural) nails flexible and prevents breaking, splitting and cracking. Solaroil cuticle oil also penetrates through the product as result the natural nail and cuticles will be smoother and better looking.

  • Do not use your nails as tools. Never cut your nails, because they will crack. Use a file instead.

  • Use a base coat before applying nail polish. This does not allow the color to penetrate the nail plate and helps the longevity of nail varnish (also if you are wearing enhancement we advice to use basecoat).

  • To keep the nails in balance you should come back for a refill every 3-4 weeks. Late rebalancing may result in cracking or breaking.

  • If you want to stop wearing artificial nails you should contact us. Never remove nails enhancement yourself, because you can seriously damage the natural nails.


Feel free to ask us for any advice.

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