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Medik8 - Beautiful Skin For Life

Medik8 - Delicious Nails & Beauty


Medik8 is a cosmeceutical brand that pride themselves on being pioneers of cutting-edge technologies in skincare. 


Keeping it as simple as CSA, tailored regimes, proven anti-ageing ingredients, ethical beliefs, artisan methods and meticulous testing to find the perfect formulation are just a few reasons why we chose them to help you achieve a beautiful skin.

Fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, scarring, pigmentation and dull complexions are targeted. Here at Delicious Nails & Beauty will offer you our expert advice and provide you with a personalized procedure.


12 Weeks to WOW is Medik8’s signature professional treatment plan, a 12 week programme of 6 in-clinic peels tailored to your specific concerns and goals, combined with a prescribed at-home regime of ‘CSA’ products. Referred to as ‘personal training for the skin’, 12 Weeks to WOW is a unique peeling experience that has been designed to truly deliver extraordinary skincare results.

With an extensive treatment repertoire from youth-enhancing facials, indulgent eye rituals and renewing body treatments to doctor-grade peels, there is a Medik8 treatment for everyone.


The core of the Medik8 philosophy is CSA; vitamin C and sunscreen by day, followed by vitamin A at night. Every Medik8 Professional Facial and Professional Peel incorporates this philosophy, linking this perfectly with the homecare recommendations.

After every Medik8 treatment you will leave the clinic protected with vitamin C and sunscreen, and be given a Last Step Vitamin A to complete your CSA routine at home. CSA will help to support your skin for optimal results and healing.


For the same reasons you visit a dentist or a doctor - At Delicious Nails & Beauty we are qualified and trained Medik8 skin therapists and have expertise in providing tailored recommendations to achieve better skin health. Medik8 treatments are available only through trained professionals. 


Any Medik8 treatment, facial or peel, utilizes our best technology. Not just proven actives for visible skin improvements, but also a sensorial experience. However there are some differences - a bit like weight-training is different to cardio exercise. There is no reason you cannot mix them up based on the outcomes you want and your lifestyle at the time.

Characteristics of Medik8 Peels

  • Unparalleled results

  • Long-term visible improvements

  • Optimal skin health

  • Low downtime (time-release)

  • Tailored for your skin goals

  • Progressive & cumulative results

  • Mono or blended peel formulas

  • Designed for use with modalities

Characteristics of Medik8 Facials

  • Immediate glowing results

  • Pampering, with results

  • Proven researched ingredients

  • Perfect for lunch break / holiday

  • Ultra luxurious experience

  • Single or part of course

  • Negligible risk of any downtime

  • CSA built-in to every facial

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