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Medik8 Signature Peels

Medik8 offers a wide range of 'medical-grade' peel treatments to suit everyone. From those who are very new to chemical peeling techniques, to experienced clients looking for deeper level of epidermal peeling with intensive results. Ranging from superficial to medium-strength, there is a treatment for every skin type and concern. We recommend a course of 6 professional treatments alongside your at-home regime to really see maximum benefits. A patch test and consultation are required two weeks prior to your peel appointment and we will decide the appropriate peel during your consultation.

Rewind Peel

Ideal for customers with mature, ageing and photodamaged skins.

Rewind is one of Medik8’s most powerful peel formulations, specifically targeted for premature ageing. A powerful combination of alpha hydroxy acids help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fading away imperfections to leave the skin smooth and renewed.

A controlled peel liberating clients from the choice between results and experience.

Even Peel

Ideal for customers with dull, pigmented, uneven and dehydrated skin types.

Even Peel is specifically designed to target hyperpigmented skin types. It is an effective combination of acids to reduce pigmentation, age spots, post-inflammatory discoloration and marking. It leaves the skin with improved clarity, an even tone and a natural glow.

Helps to minimize melanin formation to slow the production of hyperpigmentation.


Clarity Peel

Ideal for customers with problematic, congested, post inflammatory scarring and breakout prone skins.

Clarity is one of Medik8’s most effective and concentrated peel formulations. It has been specifically formulated to successfully target blemish-prone, problematic and congested skin types. It contains a supercharged combination of acids to unblock pores, minimize the formation of blemishes and normalize cell turnover.

Universal AHA Peel

Universal AHA is a light peel which gently resurfaces the skin to enhance smoothness and clarity. It is suitable for everyone, particularly for clients who are newer to peeling treatments. It is also perfect to use as a maintenance peel for clients who have generated sufficient skin health results already with Medik8 Signature Peels.

Sensitive PHA Peel

Designed for sensitive redness-prone skin types, Medik8 have incorporated gentle and hydrating gluconolactone into the Sensitive PHA peel. This peel formulation helps to trigger a healthier skin tissue regeneration, resulting in luminous, retexturised and smooth skin.

Very gentle surface exfoliation with PHAs. Helps to renew the texture of the skin, minimizing uneven skin tone to build a plumped, fuller epidermis.

Eye Reveal Peel

Ideal for customers with dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles and clients concerned with puffiness surrounding the eye area.

Eye Reveal is a peel specifically developed to correct concerns such as crows feet and dehydration lines surrounding the delicate eye area. It has lower levels of exfoliating acids to be safer to use closer to the eye area. It helps to trigger collagen production, smooth over texture and minimise fine lines and wrinkles.

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