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Nail Art & Nail Design

A unique design on your nail? This is possible with Nail Design and Nail Art.


At Delicious Nails & Beauty we are specialized in Nail Art & Nail Design.


Nail art is suitable for everyone, for every occasion from discreet to cheerful, special or extravagant. The nails can be decorated even without artificial nails. You can choose one nail only or a full set, also toenails are nice with a beautiful nail art. Match them to clothing or wear them as stand alone accessories. Nail art can never be identical on all the fingers, it's all about craft and that makes it unique.

Nail Art

These are nails that have a permanent Nail Art prints, often made with paint. You can choose from a large number of prints that can be applied either on your natural nails or as a set of 'Sheer Nails'.

Nail Design


These are nails that have a permanent Nail Design made ​​with acrylic or gel. Because there is customization of themes you will always have a unique set. For examples and different possibilities you can make an appointment and we will discuss it together.


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