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Nail Biting

Nail biting is a global problem. Approximately 10 -15% of the people all over the world is biting nails.
It is also the shame, insecurity and disapproval what many nail-biters will recognize

Can bitten nails be extended?

Yes, even a "millimeter" nail can be extended. The nails will grow easily and will be protected with nail enhancement.  Because it feels different with artificial nails, the nail-biter less needs to bite nails.

The treatment for nail biters goes as follow:
On the pink area of the nail is first made a a nail bed extension. Then the white or color tip is built up. Is really important starting with not so long nails because  the nailbed of a nail biter is really short, therefore also weaker. As you are not used to long nails, you need an "adjustment" period. The nails grow in media 2 - 3 mm a month. After 2 refills the nailbed will become longer and the enhancement will be stronger.

Male nail biting

Also for the male nail biters nail enhancement is the perfect solution.

You will not see that you are wearing artificial nails,  nails are afterwards not polished or painted so they will not shine and they will look absolutely natural.

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