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OPI GelColor -  Gel Polish

Beautiful and strong nails?


OPI GelColor is a new and innovative product with easy and fast application. It has the durability of gel, but looks and feels like nail polish.
The biggest advantage of OPI GelColor is that it lasts up to 21 days* . It provides the hardness and protection of gel, the ease and feel of nail polish, hides imperfections and strengthens the natural nail, so you can let your nails grow easily.

OPI GelColor surpasses performance of any other soak-off gels. The base gel ensures that the nails do not lift or peel while top-gel creates a lasting gloss. OPI GelColor is cured layer by layer in an LED lamp. Depending on the chosen treatment a full set takes an average of 30/45 minutes.

OPI GelColor can be soaked, in an easy and fast way, without any damage to your natural nails This takes about 15 minutes to complete.

OPI GelColor is available in 160 iconic shades.
Wide choice of nail art is also possible.


*depending on the condition of your nails.

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