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Solar Nails


We are all aware of the ever popular salon service called Solar Nails. There are some common misconceptions about this service and as a CND nail designer, I’ll be explaining some of these different facts and misconceptions.

What are Solar Nails?It is widely believed that true Solar Nails are anything that is pink and white. This is not true. Solar Nails are a specific product line produced ONLY by Creative Nail Designs. It is a liquid used in a system with CND acrylic powder to form stronger, more flexible nail enhancements. Also, aggressive filing of the natural nail is not necessary. This is true for all CND enhancement products. 

Will they damage your nails? Nail enhancements of any kind are designed to do just that. Enhance. Not mutilate or damage the natural nail. Proper application and at home maintenance will ensure that when you decide to remove your nails, a healthy natural nail remains underneath. However, excessive picking, breaking, and removal by force will ultimately damage your nails. This is true with any product, including natural nail polish. 

Can you still get a forever French?Yes! It is actually the most popular Solar Nail service. But don’t be fooled by misinformed nail professionals. Just because it’s pink and white does NOT make it Solar. Be sure to ask to see the liquid product used before application. If it doesn’t say CND Radical Solar Liquid or Retention+ on the front, do NOT pay higher prices for this service. 


Solar Nails is a brand of the American company Creative Nail Design (CND). It brought in the early nineties strong and thin acrylic nails with this name in the market. It was a hit, precisely because the nails were thin and could well be, usually applied as French Manicure.  The Solar Powder is now available, under a different name known as Perfect Color Powder. The liquid  mixed with it,  is still called Radical Solar Nail Liquid. There are indeed nail stylists mixing with Retention+, but it is the same product. However, it appears that there are people who do nails with other products which they then also mention Solar Nails. That should not be, because that is a patented name. ​We speak about fraud.



If you have nails so hard that not break even at with a hard force and they are almost impossible to remove, which kind of nails are those?  Most likely MMA liquid is used in this studio. MMA stands for methyl methacrylate. In some states in America this chemical is forbidden for nail products. MMA is very harmful to the nailplate and thus the natural nail. The nails with MMA are very difficult to remove and that's no fun if your nails all hurt. I see people whose nails are half way because they have bumped against it somewhere. The nail not break like acrylic or gel, but the whole natural nail is also deattached from tha nail bed. Unfortunately in Europe, and also in the Netherlands, it is not forbidden to work with MMA liquid. CND and Magnetic liquids are not made with MMA but with EMA (ethyl methacrylate). Many Asian nail salons still use MMA liquid because is cheaper. Let's immagine the difference as in rubbing or drinking alcoohol. Would you ingest the 1st one?



Delicious Nails & Beauty works only with the original CND products and Magnetic Nail Design whit no MMA.

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